Kim Rohrer


I am a passionate people person with over a decade of experience building, implementing, scaling, and iterating both programs and practices to create inclusive, sustainable, values-based company cultures. My extensive work in People Operations has balanced tactical operations and high-level strategy, and I always find time for side projects.

I have experience collaborating and working with groups of all shapes and sizes, from a 2-person literary department to a team of over 200 engineers to a community of over 3,000 operators, and I've worked with diverse personality types from librarians to students to software developers to actors to rock stars to children. I've worked at massive tech giants, tiny non-profits, and brand new startups...and I've been a founder myself. I've sourced candy at the 99cent store and planned events with a $500k budget. I've scaled teams both up and down, and I've been both acquired and laid off. Twice. I've seen a lot, and I learn on my feet. 

I'm the parent of two young children, and am also a co-founder of TendLab, where we're building a coalition of leaders, working to create a better future for working parents. I believe fiercely that there is no future of work without supporting working caregivers, and that the companies leading with empathy and care will be the ones who succeed.