Product Advisory

Explore new product ideas, refine your pitch, and learn about your target customer so that you can make informed decisions as you build.

Don't develop without insight. 

A member of PeopleTech Partners, and an investor with PeopleTech Angels, I have experience advising all sorts of companies, but I especially love geeking out in the PeopleTech, FamTech, FemTech, and EdTech spaces. 

I'll coach you on how to best sell to busy People Leaders, and give you an insider's perspective on what you're building. I'm an active member in the top communities for People Leaders, and trust me...we talk.

Do you have a beta, or early tech product? I'll help you fine tune your user experience and ask the types of questions you're likely to get on sales calls. I love both interactive product demos and testing products live, and I give honest, uncensored feedback.

I'm also mysteriously good at uncovering bugs and breaking things you didn't realize could break. I'm like an accidental QA team of one, and I love playing around with new technology.

Let me break it, so that they'll buy it. 😉

I am available for product advisory either in one-hour sessions, or as a continuing advisor on retainer. Please feel free to book time based on your need and interest!

"I went out of my way to get Kim's feedback."

Adam Stober, CEO/Founder @ Layoff-Aid

"I first saw Kim's enthusiasm for helping startups get up and running when we worked together at Disqus, when she not just built Disqus, but also helped a number of startups that went from fledgling service providers to full-blown operations during the time Kim helped to guide them. Later, as I was incubating Layoff-Aid, I naturally went out of my way to get Kim's feedback, and she didn't just give valuable critical feedback. Kim was incredibly generous with intros, staffing expertise, and the kind of advocacy that can be the difference at pushing an early stage venture over the hump. Kim is the best, whether she's building a killer culture from the ground up, scaling PeopleOps teams, tackling thorny internal issues with grace, or guiding bleeding edge startups. I will be recruiting Kim whenever I have the chance."

"Kim knows everyone you might want to know..."

Myles Nye, owner @ Wise Guys Events

"Kim is enterprising, industrious, and engaging: she is one of those people who you want to know not just because she knows everyone you might want to know, but because of the pleasure of her company."