Kim Rohrer


I'm glad you're here.

If we haven't met before, I'm Kim 😀 and I'm here to help.

TL;DR: Passionate people person with a penchant for pursuing potential partnerships. MacGyver Yente. Swiss Army Knife of People and Creative skills. Caregiver advocate, remote work enthusiast, neurodivergent social introvert with a snarky little heart of gold.

Telling stories, making waves, and doing cool shit with interesting people.

This is the part where I humblebrag. Bios are weird. 

I have spent over 15 years as a People Leader in tech companies, from scrappy San Francisco startups to globally distributed unicorns. I've scaled companies up and down, from layoffs to acquisitions to hypergrowth, and I take pride in my history of building inclusive, sustainable, values-based company cultures.

Before that, I worked in theatre, honing my skills as a dramaturg, editor, and producer. I am a creative ideator, a storyteller, and your best brainstorm buddy. I love the beginning of a new project when the air is electric with possibility, and I have a special talent for bringing people together. I love to write and collaborate - colleagues often pass me their writing to "Kim it up" a bit. 😉

I'm a cofounder thrice-over (OrgOrg | TendLab | and currently PeakHR) with far too many passion projects. I've sourced candy at the 99cent store and planned events with a $500k budget. I've worked with just about every personality type imaginable, from egomaniacal librarians to humble rock stars, and I am a natural community-builder. 

I know how to balance practicality and imagination in the workplace, and I can rock a theme like nobody's business. Whether you're looking for product feedback, career coaching, or strategic people and culture advice, I will partner with you to ensure you are supported and inspired.

I'm also the parent of two young children, and a passionate advocate for caregivers at work and in our broader culture. A force multiplier with a deep network, I'm a big believer in synchronicity and the power of community. A yente, but for professional connection. And I'm a little bit witchy, too. ✨

If I sound like your jam, I'd love to chat.

"An authentic trailblazer"

Peacemaker Bahine, Co-Founder & CEO @ NewSeat

An authentic trailblazer in the realm of PeopleOps, Kim Rohrer boasts an exceptional ability to take charge, lead initiatives, and transform concepts into tangible achievements! Her distinct theatre background has been instrumental in propelling her to her current role as a leader within a billion-dollar startup, Oyster®.

"Razor-sharp and resonant"

Nneka Idika Daly
Senior Brand Strategist @ Oyster

Kim has masterfully amplified Oyster's core narratives, meeting our ICP where they are with messages that matter to them.

She has helped us achieve our OKR to appear in 7 Tier 1 or tier 2 publications. In the first half of 2023 alone, Kim has had her insights and commentary published in outlets like CNBC, Quartz, Worklife, and Charter. Kim has even landed a regular column opportunity in Quartz due to editorial interest in her perspectives.

Kim's voice is authentic, razor-sharp, and resonant. Certainly, her fearless approach to this work has impacted our success metrics — from reach and awareness goals to brand team and company-wide KRs.

"One of the most important people in my professional network."

Kimberly Bringas, HR Leader 

"For almost a decade, Kim Rohrer has been one of the most important people in my professional network. She is a role model, a mentor and a friend. I had the pleasure of meeting her through OrgOrg, an organization she co-founded, and was instrumental in helping me find my way early in my career. I credit Kim’s thoughtful approach to community building as a main reason OrgOrg stood out as one of the top professional networks. She is at her core, a connector; always looking to help others find compelling professional contacts and opportunities. Over the years, she has helped me navigate my HR career, find my unique voice and connect with fellow People Ops enthusiasts. However, what I marvel at the most is how she has not only grown as a founder, leader and executive, but maintained a high level of integrity and humility along the way. She truly is one of a kind."

"Unapologetic personality, fearlessness and a bold approach"

Jeff Maranon @ WOAW

Working collaboratively with Kim Rohrer was an absolute pleasure. Thanks to her unapologetic personality, building out her content strategy and helping her execute her personal brand was a seamless experience. 

Her identity and authenticity were instrumental in amplifying Oyster's mission and values. Her fearlessness and bold approach helped us inspire and build a network, which in turn generated solid traction for Oyster. 

P.S. We are her biggest fans!