πŸͺ„ I offer bespoke, custom, and personalized service, a veritable patchwork quilt of possibilities.Β 

πŸ’‘I pride myself in inspiring action, and in adding value by helping you think creatively about the possibilities for you and your company.Β 

🀝 I also have an expansive but tightly-connected community that I can leverage for support and referrals for services I don't offer personally.

Currently offering services in the following areas:

πŸ₯° People & Culture Consultation - Values | Strategy | Leadership

πŸ§‘β€ Product Advisory - Testing | Feedback | Network

🧭 Career Coaching - Resume Refresh | One-Time or Ongoing Coaching & Mentorship

🧽 Kitchen Sink Chats* - Share what's on your mind and get instant feedback, insight, or support. AMA.

*not literally while doing dishes...though no judgment if you want to.