I am available for a variety of advisory, consulting, mentorship, and coaching services, either on retainer or by the hour.

My tiny associates contribute at no additional charge.

Your Product

Refine your pitch, explore new product ideas, and learn about your target customer to make informed decisions. Don't develop without insight.

I have experience advising all sorts of companies, but I especially love geeking out in the PeopleTech, FamTech, FemTech, and EdTech spaces.

I'll coach you on how to best sell to busy PeopleOps leaders, and give you an insider's perspective on what you're building. I love both interactive product demos and testing products, and I give honest, uncensored feedback.

I'm also mysteriously good at uncovering bugs and breaking things you didn't realize could break. I'm like an accidental QA team of one, and I love playing around with new technology.

Do you have a beta, or early tech product? I'll help you fine tune your user experience. Let me break it, so that they'll buy it. :)

Your Company

Codify your values, identify ways to put them into practice, and build a strong cultural foundation from the beginning. Don't wait until things break.

I believe that values are at the heart of all successful people-first companies, but that values are meaningless unless you know what to do with them.

I'll help turn your values into action, whether that's crafting "culture add" interview questions, coming up with values-based employee awards, building strategic internal communications, figuring out how to use your values to make business and product decisions, or crafting a narrative around your values + your business...or reimagining your values as your company and culture evolve.

I can also help you define and prioritize your People strategy, determine how and when you need to build out a PeopleOps team, and make sure you're looking in the right places as you hire.

I have experience with organizational change, from rapid hiring to layoffs to reorgs to acquisitions, and can provide coaching or project-based work to help you maintain a strong culture during times of transition.


Think about your goals, obstacles, and experiences, and figure out how to move forward in your career. Don't be afraid to ask for help.

I know how important it is to have someone you can talk to when you have to sort out tough career choices or workplace issues. I provide mentorship and career counseling, as well as tactical advice for both People Leaders and People Managers.

I'll help you figure out how to turn your hopes and dreams into a job description, coach you on identifying and asking for what you want, and polish your application if ultimately your company can't provide what you need.