Career Coaching

Imagining your personal journey and finding the path that's right for you takes time and intention.

Don't be afraid to ask for help.

Today's career journey looks less like a ladder and more like a jungle gym. My own career has taken a few twists and turns, from theater to tech, up the leadership ladder and off to the side. I know how important it is to have someone you can talk to when you have to sort out tough career choices or workplace issues. 

Learning about yourself, your strengths, and designing your vision for your life doesn't need to be a solitary journey. It shouldn't be!

Whether you're exploring growth at your current company or looking for new opportunities elsewhere, I'll help you identify and ask for what you want, and understand what you'll need to get there.


🧭 Career Compass: 1 hour coaching session. This option is best if you're feeling stuck, like you've taken a wrong turn, or are just not sure what direction to take your career, and you just need a little guidance.

I'll help you figure out how to align your hopes and dreams (and skills!) with a job description, and tailor your career prospecting to those types of roles. We'll uncover old patterns, and explore what a new journey might look like for you.

🤩 Continued Coaching & Mentorship: 1 hour coaching on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis to talk through your current role, experiences, and skills, and how you'd like to grow. I'll meet with both you and your manager to identify areas for personal growth, as well as any tactical projects or problems you need help with. Our focus will be on elevating you, developing your skills and confidence so that you can deliver even higher value to the business as you grow your career.

In our ongoing work together, we'll talk about your Zone of Genius (and how that's different from your Zone of Excellence), your true strengths (vs. what you've been doing just because you can), and how to leverage the skills that make you feel like you're operating at your highest potential.  

Pricing varies based on need, scope, and frequency. Sliding scale pricing available. Please book a complimentary introduction so that we can assess your needs and whether we're a good fit!

Other Services

📝 Resume Refresh: 30 min discovery session + 1 round of edits on your existing resume. This option is best if you just need a little clarity and an updated CV, whether you're currently on the job market or it's just been a while since you thought about how you tell the story of your work.

We'll make sure your resume highlights the best of you, turning descriptions into action statements and leveling up the way you look on paper. 

Flat fee of $300 includes discovery and one round of edits, payable on booking.

🧽 Kitchen Sink Chats* - Think of this like an open-ended mini consulting session, scrubbing the build-up and feeling shiny and new when we're done. No agenda, no pressure, just easy advice around the metaphorical kitchen sink.

The time is yours: 30 minutes to chat about whatever's on your mind. Share where you're stuck, and get instant feedback, insight, or support. AMA.

Flat fee of $150 / hr

*not literally while doing dishes...though no judgment if you want to.

Witchier things

If you’re into getting a little witchy, I offer the incorporation of tarot readings into our coaching sessions. My philosophy on tarot is that not that the cards predict the future, but rather that they can provide a new perspective, provoke interesting questions, or inspire a jumping off point for further discussion. 

I use the Everyday Witch deck, and find it both approachable and well-aligned with both my natural intuition and my background in HR, Leadership Coaching, and storytelling. 

In his book Tarot Revelations, Richard Roberts says: “The common attitude towards Tarot, prototype of modern playing cards, is that Tarot is fortune-telling, and therefore, utterly bereft of value. However…Tarot is above all a symbolic system of self-transformation comparable to what Jung terms the individuation process.” 

I find I am always inspired to think a little differently when I look to the cards; they are a tool to help guide our discussions, using symbolism to help us understand what simple practicality leaves out.

If this is of interest to you, please do let me know. I would be honored to incorporate this into our practice together. 💖

"Kim is your secret weapon"

Gemma Taylor, Education Program Manager @ Oyster

Kim has this magical ability to sprinkle wisdom like confetti and make it seem like you’re attending the coolest party of self-improvement. Their knack for making complex concepts hilariously simple is like getting a VIP backstage pass to the comedy show of personal development. If you want to level up your career while laughing, Kim is your secret weapon!

Why coaching?

I was first introduced to the idea of a professional coach in this fantastic piece in The New Yorker, in 2011, in which Atul Gawande, professor of surgery at Harvard Medical School, shares his experience with a career plateau, and the resulting growth after he sought coaching. (you can listen to this great NPR interview as well) His revelation seemed so obvious in hindsight: professional athletes have coaches, why not surgeons? 

As I've grown my career, I've worked with several mentors, coaches, and advisors - and provided this support to others as well. Working with established executives and growing leaders, I've learned how important coaching is for everyone

There are plenty of articles to back this up, like this one from BetterUp, or this one from Forbes, and my personal experience has made me a passionate advocate for finding support outside the company's walls. Especially for HR leaders, who are often responsible for providing ad hoc coaching to others within the company and typically do not have more senior leaders in their department to learn from on the job.

Though now I am also serving as a coach for others, I still rely on mentors and colleagues when I need a fresh perspective or am facing a problem I haven't experienced before. The wisdom, perspective, and distance you get from someone outside your immediate environment, who has seen the types of challenges you are working to overcome, is invaluable.

I have coached people at all levels, but my primary areas of focus are:

Whether you're looking to reroute your career, grow within your current role, or just speak with someone who has both objective distance and well-developed intuition, I would love to support you on this journey.

Please feel free get in touch with any questions.